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Physician Associate Plus

PA+ is a program that delivers a helping hand to Physician Associates that are newly qualified or moving from another field , placement or specialism such as a Hospital environment to working in General Practice.

Side by Side Coaching

Physician Associates will spend time shadowing and running their own clinics alongside experienced Physician Associates. Gain the confidence to work in General Practice and within Primary Care Networks through ad-hoc training and feedback along with live experience.


Using our network of various Primary Care Networks we can help you find placements to get experience all whist getting paid. Our team is made up primarily of Physician Associates and they understand first hand the issues and worries facing you when first qualified. We also understand and recognise the problems General Practice and Primary Care Networks face on how to delpoy and implement the role into their existing teams.


We understand that everyone’s skills are different and so is their experience, there really is no 'one size fits all' so the program is adapted to suit the individual. The speed and progress made is signposted through the program with each goal tailored to the educational and experience required.


Once the program is complete, we provide certification that gives confidence you have completed the program.

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